Welcome to My World

Long long ago, in my very own fairy tale world I wanted to create the perfect blog. A masterpiece that hundreds would flock to everyday to read. I poured my heart and soul into this thing for five years, to no avail. What I had really created was an autobiography of my life, which had taken a serious turn into the mud. So you can only imagine what kind of catastrophe that was. Then one day, my brutally honest friend, who I might add is some what well know in the blogger world told me that I would NEVER be a successful blogger due to my lack of direction and often time self control. OH DAMN! brutal honesty hurts, but she sure was right.

You see my ADD in no way allows me to focus on one area of expertise. And well, my self control almost got me in to alot of trouble with some very big bloggers when a post that I created offended many of them. Which in return that same brutally honest friend had to step in and tell them that I was off my imaginary meds and she would put a muzzle on me. LOL!  Along with the lack of the aforementioned items I also take seriously shitty blog pictures, my social interactions suck more so now rather than then, since I am personally no longer on facebook, and I don’t have a shit ton of time to devote to a full time blog.

In those five years though, I learned that a really great blog has structure and the blogger has a purpose for a targeted audience.That, of course is in no way meant to offend any blogger of any type. I do understand the heart and soul you put into your  works of art. But lets be truthful here, you can not tell me that at some point you haven’t wanted to write a post that went off into left field describing what ever whacked out emotion you may be feeling. Yet you restrained yourself because it could have been detrimental to your masterpiece or even your pocketbook.

So now you may be asking yourself  “What the hell is this scatterbrained mess?” This is the answer..  I have decided to no longer restrain myself. Here I will be creating my own original and uncensored thoughts. NO rhythm, NO rhyme, NO reason to the madness that may run amuck! Just me. Because sometimes you just have to unleash the CRAZY!